Blue Manager

Our mission at OSAAP is to build a software suite that enables us to manufacture low volume or high mix (lot size of one) shadow boards.

Blue Manager

We view project management as a key part of the OSAAP Software Suite, so we are heavily invested in the development of our user-friendly project database, “Blue Manager”. Blue Manager has both an internal-facing and customer-facing web portal that enables customers to communicate in real-time with the design team: upload and download your design information, approve designs, edit resolution, and full collaboration. We have built full traceability and backward-engineering capability into Blue Manager, so you will never lose the history of your projects.

Customers with the OSAAP Machine Solution also have access to the Manufacturing Manager, which is built into Blue Manager. The manufacturing side of the database converts OSAAP CAD files (.bord files) to NC Code for milling in real-time, eliminating any manual work on the files to go to manufacturing.

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