OSAAP’s New Mobile App

Introducing Blue Mobile

Explore OSAAP’s latest application designed for effortless management of shadowboard projects. This comprehensive tool not only enables seamless monitoring of design statuses but also allows you to capture images of new tools directly from your mobile device. Additionally, you can effortlessly initiate new projects and boards, all within a single, user-friendly program.

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What an enormous upgrade it is versus the Elf Camera I’ve been using for the last few years. Your app has eliminated the over sensitive zoom that resulted in rejected photos on 100% of my projects. Now the foundation is taking an accurate photo every time, AND labeling the part with a number or description so your design team is certain to use the correct images for each board. This app would have saved me at least 20 hours on my last project by eliminating poor quality photos and simply labeling the hundreds of photos I took! Thank you, and well done OSAAP!

Russ Ortlip – Toolbox Transformations

The Blue Mobile App is a significant improvement to the OSAAP shadow board process. Being able to upload light board photos in one process drastically reduces the time required for the design process. The App also makes keeping track of projects and project status much easier. With the App you have a single place to go to see all projects. ​This new app is an excellent addition to OSAAP.

Carl Albert – Sales Engineer for Rhino Tool House​

An Introduction to BlueMobile

Manage Your Projects.

The main overview section on the Blue Mobile app will give you a birds eye view of all of your projects. You will be able to see all of your total projects, your total boards, your approval requests and your upload problem notifications. In addition, you can take help photos straight from your phone and upload them straight to your designs from there.

Real Time Updates.

You will now receive live project updates on your phone. Know where your boards are in our process and receive real-time updates about their status.

Approve or Deny Boards.

Approve or Deny board designs straight from your mobile device. The faster a project is approved, the faster it will be manufactured. Creating an efficient process for this step is vital to getting your projects to you as soon as possible.

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Image Capture

Using the new iPhone’s camera capabilities paired with our light panel solutions we are able to accurately capture dimensions and transfer them into our software. No longer will you need to take an image using one our OSAAP camera setups. The app will have a built in image capture system. This system will let you take an image of your light panel and tools and upload it straight to your project.

Report a bug you found!

As this app is in BETA we urge beta testers to let us know if they find any issues.

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