We sell the equipment and machines we run in production everyday, gradually perfecting them as we go. This process guarantees that you get fully-vetted and 100% supported solutions.


In addition to creating our own custom CAD software, we also have our own custom milling and laser machines. Our image capture light panels are also exclusive to OSAAP. From scanning to designing to manufacturing, we do it all. We have made it our goal to create and perfect the shadowboard design process. All OSAAP equipment was designed with shadowboard creation in mind.

It’s simple. Every tool needs its exact right place. So, we make systems to organize those tools. We hear it time and time again. You have no design input, quotes take too long, production takes too long, it’s too expensive, and when you finally get your product, it’s not right. We’re here to bring order and cleanliness, to create a place for everything, and put everything in its place. Using our custom softwares, databases, and machines, we create a custom shadow board that is based on a quote you received automatically, based on your design input, based on weeks–not months–of production time, and based on our expert, reliable precision. With OSAAP, you’ll bring our German namesake to life–order and cleanliness in your workplace.

We’re a custom-fit, full-solution process. And we go beyond all requirements to make the custom tool inserts that will work for you. For every project, every time. No matter what equipment you have, expect the highest quality–and not to mention, fastest–shadow boards through our proven and precise process. But that doesn’t mean we’re not collaborative. Within our customer interface, every client can be involved in as many steps of the process as they choose–from taking perfect photos of their tools, to the design process in our easy-to-use custom CAD software. From day one of production, your project is under control. And we mean precision-control. We generate instant and unique NC codes to create a shadow board of any size with any tool combination. Best of all, we rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes paired with our proprietary software to create the perfect space for each individual tool.

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