Aerospace Skydrol Foam Applications

What is Skydrol?

Skydrol is a hydraulic fluid used in aircrafts. In fact, the fluid is most commonly used in aerospace applications. Skydrol was the first fire-resistant hydraulic fluid on the market. Although it has many positives the fluid can be irritating to human skin and can be damaging to some materials.

In relation to Skydrol’s popularity, a common question we are asked as shadow board manufacturers is…

“Can OSAAP Foam Withstand Skydrol’s Damaging Properties?”

In short, the answer is yes, our foam can withstand the chemical properties of Skydrol. We currently have multiple customers that use our foam paired with Skydrol applications. Our foam is inert, blown-in Nitrogen, so it does not react except under very extreme conditions; the thermal limit of the foam is 500 degrees F. Skydrol leaves a thin film on the exterior of the foam. It does NOT dissolve the material.


“What impressed me the most about the design process was OSAAP’s ability to come up with a design extremely fast; literally went from concept to prototype in 3 days (came in with idea on Friday and left with samples that following Monday!)”

Michael Jansen – Principal Manufacturing Engineer

“When the finished shadow boards arrived at the office our team was blown away! It is far superior to the previous die cut and laminated foam inserts that were being used previously and fail within months of normal use. The quality and precision of the foam Is incomparable to anything we have seen before. The foam is robust, and the color options are a great touch to match your company colors or for additional organization.”

Mike Letchworth – High Voltage Battery Test Engineer

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