A full suite of design, project management, and manufacturing software for shadow boards, tool kits, inlays, and packaging.

A Turnkey and Closed Loop and Traceable solution

We started creating our CAD software, Blue Shadow, with the goal of offering a simple solution for scanning in 2D images of tools and converting them to models that can be quickly laid out into a shadow board. We quickly learned that managing projects was equally as important, so we developed Blue Manager and the customer web portal interface for project management and design edit traceability. We linked Blue Manager to the manufacturing process when we added automatic NC Code generation and nesting to close the loop from design to manufacturing.

The OSAAP business lives and operates in our software suite everyday. The design, project management, and manufacturing teams interface in real-time with software development. When you work with OSAAP, you can be assured the entire process state-of-the-art.

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