OSAAP America is a full-service VAR offering not only Shadow Boards, but the cases you need for them as well.

NANUK™ Cases:

OSAAP America is proud to be a Master Distributor of NANUK™ Protective Cases.

NANUK™ protective cases are the result of years of testing both in the lab and on the field and offer unrivaled protection in a variety of sizes, configurations, and colors. With its patented PowerClaw latching system and NK-7 resin outer shell, NANUK™ is built for nature’s most unforgiving conditions.
Rugged, waterproof and guaranteed for life, all NANUK™ cases are designed to withstand the smallest tumbles to the biggest shock and everything in between. When it needs to get there in one piece, it needs to be in a NANUK™.

OSAAP America can provide you a complete case supplied with your own custom foam insert(s).

NANUK™ Features:

1. PowerClaw Latching System
2. Waterproof IP67 Rated
3. Impact Resistant NK-7 Resin
4. Padlockable
5. Shoulder Strap Attachment
6. Stackable
7. Integrated Bezel System
8. Soft Grip Foldable Handle
9. Integrated Lid Stay
10. Stainless Steel Hardware

SKB Cases:

SKB is known around the world as the leading innovator and manufacturer of the finest instrument and equipment cases. Since the inception of the company, leading companies have proudly supplied SKB cases, as well as other SKB branded products, for protection of their own products.

SKB builds cases for a variety of markets: Industrial/Military, Sports, Music, and Photo/Video. This market diversity allows them to be more creative and innovative in their case designs across the board. More than 40 years of steady growth and adherence to quality standards has made them industry leaders, and they never lose sight of the fact that their customers give them the opportunity to excel.

They are dedicated to the assurance that every SKB case has been manufactured with an unconditional commitment to unsurpassed quality and superior protection. OSAAP America is proud to offer their cases.

SKB Industrial Cases:

▪ Injection Molded Watertight Cases
▪ Rotationally Molded Watertight Cases
▪ Thermoformed Transport Containers
▪ Low Profile ATA Transport Cases with Wheels
▪ Tri-pod Cases
▪ Thermoformed Military Style Shipping Containers
▪ Thermoformed Luggage Style Carrying Cases
▪ Rotationally Molded Flat Screen Cases.

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