Light Stations

The hardest part of creating shadow boards has always been capturing the dimensions of the parts to be held. OSAAP’s solution to this problem is light stations, with these we are able to easily capture the dimensions of tools. Once a picture is taken it can easily be drag and dropped into our software for design.

The Process

The process of capturing your tools is simple as OSAAP has done the majority of the work for you. Our light panels dimensions are already preloaded into our software so that the tools dimensions are accurately measured once uploaded. All you have to do is align your tools on the panel and snap a picture.

With our soon to be released mobile application (BLUE MOBILE) you can use your smartphone to capture these photos and automatically upload them to your project.

Our Light Panels

We have different light panel solutions to fit your needs. Travel light cases are available for those on the go or for a space saving solution. We also have more permanent solutions, for example our standing light stations. If you are interested in learning more about our light panels/stations please contact your sales representative.

Get in touch

Our team looks forward to hearing from you. Please contact us for information about your application needs.