2D Portable

This is a lighter, less expensive, and easier to use Light Panel Case. Made from Black Fabric 1000d, #10 ykk zippers and OSAAP America logo embroidered on the front.

Portable Light Panels

Using OSAAP’s proprietary CAD software we are able to capture the dimensions of the tool shadows upon photo import. Our software is customized to know the size of the OSAAP light panel and uses those known dimensions to calculate the dimensions of the tools. Our 2D portable options are a great way to collect tool dimension data on the go.

Light Panel in a Cloth Case

This is one of our most popular light panel solutions as it provides a secure and stable solution for the light panel for travel. We have two options for the cloth case one that includes a camera for non-ios users and one that does not for those who have our new mobile app.

Light Panel in a Box

This is our most cost-effective light panel solutions. It is simply our OSAAP light panel shipped in a standard card-board box. This is meant for stationary use and not travel as there is not exterior protection. This light-panel is all that you need for tool capture paired with our Blue Mobile application. This light panel solutions retails for only 250$, shipping included.

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