2D Portable Light Panels

Enhance your tool management experience by combining our 2D light panels with the BLUE MOBILE app. Utilize your iPhone to arrange tools on the panel, leverage the app’s image capture function, and seamlessly upload images or support files to the cloud. Upon the initial upload, our design team gains an immediate, live view of your submission, allowing them to commence work on your project promptly.

Portable Light Panels

With OSAAP’s exclusive CAD software, we can effortlessly capture tool dimensions when importing photos. Our software is tailored to recognize the OSAAP light panel’s size, utilizing these predefined dimensions to accurately calculate the tool dimensions. Our 2D portable solutions offer a convenient method for collecting tool dimension data while on the move.

Light Panel in a Cloth Case

This is one of our most popular light panel solutions as it provides a secure and stable solution for the light panel for travel. We have two options for the cloth case one that includes a camera for non-ios users and one that does not for those who have our new mobile app.

Standard Light Panel

Our most budget-friendly light panel solution consists of the OSAAP light panel shipped in a standard cardboard box. Designed for stationary use, it doesn’t provide external protection for travel. This light panel, when paired with our Blue Mobile application, is all you need for efficient tool capture. The cost of this light panel solution is only $250, inclusive of shipping.

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