Foam Shadowboard Accessories

Explore the array of accessories available for designing your foam shadowboard. From magnets and backerboards to text or logo engraving, and even cases, we provide comprehensive solutions to enhance your customization options.

Laser Text and Logos

Laser Text and Logos are a great way to improve your design. Logo Engraving offers a great solution for personalizing your board. By using your brand color as the material and laser engraving your logo. Laser Text is most often used for easily identifying where parts go with part number specific laser text next to the insert.

Backer Boards

Backer boards enhance the structural integrity of your design, particularly beneficial when dealing with heavy tools that might otherwise cause the board to sag or bend during transport. Additionally, backer boards are ideal for vertical mounting applications, thanks to their rigid backing that facilitates easy mounting.


Magnets play a crucial role in securing parts within a design, especially during movement or vertical mounting. Our approach involves securely fastening the magnets in place with screws to prevent any unintended shifts or dislodgment.


Cases play a multifaceted role in the context of shadowboards, serving various essential purposes. Not only do they provide a secure environment for the tools they house, thanks to their weather-resistant, durable, and waterproof features, but they also excel as a reliable means of transporting items securely between locations. Furthermore, cases contribute to effective inventory management by offering a more permanent storage solution.

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