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Whether you’re in search of sheet foam for manual cutting, customized foam inserts designed for toolboxes, or thick foam suitable for hard case projects, the OSAAP team is here to meet your needs. Our cutting-edge approach involves digitally capturing images of all tools onsite, ensuring you’re never without your essential equipment. By leveraging this advanced process, we eliminate project guesswork right from the start and guarantee the delivery of aesthetically pleasing designs within approximately 3 days. Moreover, the final Complete Tool Kit (CTK) is ready for your use in about 3 weeks, showcasing our commitment to efficiency and precision in every aspect of the customization process.

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Customization and creating solutions for any kit imaginable

Our comprehensive range of custom foam solutions is tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require foam inserts for delicate equipment, tools, or any specialized items, we have you covered. Take advantage of our complimentary design services, where our skilled professionals will work with you to create the perfect foam configuration to suit your unique requirements.

At our facility, we prioritize efficiency and offer a quick turnaround time, ensuring that your retrofitting needs are met promptly. Our commitment to providing high-quality, precision-cut foam allows you to optimize the organization and protection of your equipment. The free design services not only guarantee a tailored fit for your items but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your storage or transportation solutions.

Supply Chain Partnerships

Collaborating closely with our network of supply chain partners, we extend an opportunity for government customers to leverage the GSA Multiple Award Schedule. This avenue allows for the seamless acquisition of tailor-made tool kits and customized foam retrofits, ensuring a streamlined and efficient procurement process for our valued government clientele.

Firearm Shadowboards

Storing guns in shadowboards involves creating a secure and organized system to house firearms. Shadowboards are typically custom-designed panels with cutouts or outlines that match the shape and size of specific firearms, allowing for easy identification and quick access. These boards are often mounted on walls in gun storage areas. The goal is to enhance safety by preventing accidental discharges and promote efficient firearm management. Using shadowboards can also aid in inventory control, ensuring that each firearm has its designated place, making it readily accessible when needed and properly secured when not in use. This method helps firearm owners maintain a systematic and visually intuitive approach to gun storage.

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