1325 ATC Milling Machine

This machine is essential to milling shadow board designs into your chosen material.


The primary machine is the OSAAP BlueMill 1325ATC. This machine has a table size of 1300mm x 2500mm. The table is a vacuum table with optional external vacuum pump. The ATC stands for Automatic Tool Change. The machine can hold up-to 8-tools within a horizontal tool rack. It includes an automatic tool length probe. Additional features / options include built-in Vacuum and Dust Collection automatic control, automatic air tool blow off, automatic dust boot up/down. The machine is controlled by MACH4 Software with included PC and monitor.


Machine frame: Thickened strong steel gantry with square steel tube frame
X, Y, Z structure: Helical Rack and pinion drive,
– 30mm Taiwan Hiwin square rail
– German ball screw Z axis
– Dual-Y Axis drives (Y1/Y2)
Machine table: Bakelite full vacuum table
– 4-zones (Mechanical or Electrical Solenoid controlled)
Overall Machine Size
– 2439*3429*2439mm
Control Cabinet Size
– 686*635*1727mm

  • Spindle
    • 8KW Italy HSD air-cooling ATC spindle, 24,000RPM (ISO30-ER32)
    • Inverter: 11kw frequency inverter (typically Delta or Rexroth)
  • Axes Drive
    • (X, Y, Z) Japan YASKAWA Servo drive and motor 850W
  • Working Area
    • 200mm Gantry: X, Y, Z working area: 1350 x 2500 x 200mm with dust hood
    • 400mm Gantry: X, Y, Z working area: 1350 x 2500 x 400mm with dust hood
  • Tolerances
    • X, Y, Z Travelling Position Accuracy: ±0.02/300mm
    • X, Y, Z Travelling Repositioning Accuracy: ±0.02mm
  • Electrical Nameplate Ratings
    • 208-240VAC, 3PH-WYE, 50-60HZ, 12KW, 32A
  • Control System
    • HiCon Integra with PC control cabinet
    • ArtSoft Mach-4, Command language: NC G-Code Software
    • Ethernet Based communications
  • Tool Holder Magazine
    • 8-Position Fork-Type ISO30-ER32 tool holder magazine
    • End-Mill Changing Holder (Optional Vise Holder)
    • (2) Spanner Wrenches (Optional Torque Wrench)
  •  Tool Probe
    • Tool Length Probe: Hardwired Tormac Probe

Packaging for Shipment

1,850KGS (4080 lbs), Packing: 3500*2500*2500mm
– Free-fumigation wooden case
– Or with anti-fog shrink-wrap (With or without a pallet)